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Evolution is 100% Bonobo-free!

A couple years ago I wasn't sure I'd ever see the day, but today I'm delighted to announce that Evolution has finally dropped not only its Bonobo dependency but also its libgnome and libgnomeui dependencies (see for yourself)! This will debut as 2.29.1.

Quick recap of recent events:
  • We created our gnome-2-28 branch earlier than usual to get a head start on Evolution 2.29 development.
  • We merged the kill-bonobo branch that I talked about awhile back.
  • We ported the address book side of Evolution-Data-Server from Bonobo to D-Bus, and are currently finishing up the calendar side.
  • We are tracking both Evolution regressions and Evolution-Data-Server regressions. If you're the bleeding-edge / early-adopter type please help us test the new code and report any more regressions!
  • Bonobo-free Evolution packages for Fedora 12 are available from my Fedora People page. The package versions are relabeled as 2.27.99 for easier integration with Fedora 12 but it's actually the 2.29 code in disguise.
Next project for me is to get Evolution-Exchange back on its feet. With Bonobo gone the poor thing is all confused now and refuses to build.




Great work!
- Andreas



This is very impressive, I could not imagine the patience you must have to do all that work.
You really, really rock!

Cleaning the evolution stack will certainly boost even further the community around it and invite other developers to certainly do the same.

Thanks to everybody involved!



Have you seen any performance gains?

Re: Performance

I can't speak to the Bonobo-to-DBus transition in Evolution-Data-Server. Ross Burton can probably answer that. But none of the performance-sensitive code in Evolution used Bonobo, so no change there. This was purely a cleanup effort.


Looking in from the outside... what are the advantages of dropping Bonobo and moving to DBUS?
Bonobo is deprecated. D-Bus isn't.


Thank you

Only say thank you for your work, total bonobo cleanup is more near now :)

Re: Repo update?

Sure, I'll try to do a few more updates on my repo until the official Fedora 13/Rawhide repo opens up.

Great work!

Thanks for all your efforts, Matthew.

Looking forward to trying out the latest versions.

June 2012

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