Matthew Barnes (mbarnes) wrote,
Matthew Barnes

Using GStreamer to sample arcade music

Recently I discovered the online Arcade History database has added music samples for some games.  For example, they now have music for the mid-80's racing game Out Run.

I thought it would be cool to integrate that into my MAME front-end, GNOME Video Arcade, and wound up blowing the whole weekend on it. I'm happy to say it's finished already, and works great!

My foray into basic GStreamer programming was suprisingly pleasant. The API is nicely designed and well-documented, and simple use cases like mine are made easy. The "playbin" plugin pretty much did all the work. I just fed it Arcade History URIs and wired up a simple user interface to follow state transitions from the audio stream.

GStreamer is an example of the kind of high-quality software engineering that I strive to emulate in my own work.



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