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A handy sidebar trick in Evolution

In Evolution, you can display multiple calendars, task lists or memo lists at once by check marking their names in the sidebar.  I'm not a heavy calendar or memo list user myself, but I do practice the Getting Things Done methodology with Evolution's task lists.  Here's my current set of lists:

So much to do...

Earlier today, Nick Jenkins filed a bug complaining about how cumbersome it is to just focus on one list (or calendar).  And he's right.  You basically have two choices: 1) go through the sidebar and manually un-check everything you don't want to see, which is ridiculously cumbersome, or 2) right-click on the item you do want to see and select "Show Only This whatever" from the pop-up menu, which check marks that item and clears all others.


Handy, right?  Well, not so much if you use it frequently enough.  Nick was asking for an easier way, so I suggested we make triple-clicking on a sidebar item a shortcut for the "show only" menu item.  (Triple instead of double-click so it's not so easy to trigger by accident.)

Took about a half hour to hack together and I have to say I'm startled at how much easier this simple enhancement allows me to manage my task lists!  I like it enough that I snuck it in at the last minute for Evolution 2.30.

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